Available Services

CAFe Expresso

Shibboleth federation that allows tests with IdPs and SPs, two Discovery Services (DS), WAYF, EDS, and a service called uApprove.

Preconfigured VMs

A repository containing preconfigured virtual machines that allows researchers to implement a complete federation with IdP, SP, and a WAYF locally in their institution, or even modified ones to make them available on CAFe Expresso.

SimpleSAMLphp Federation

An SAML Federation that uses the SimpleSAMLphp framework.

OpenID Connect

An infrastructure with the MITREId’s framework and that provides an OpenID Connect Provider, and a Connect Client.

Testbed eduroam

An environment for researchers to develop research and experiments in eduroam service

Multifactor Authenticator

Improve your web security using two or more authentication factor.

GIdLab - Serviço para Experimentação em Gestão de Identidades