About GIdLab


To provide an experimental laboratory for identity management to the academic community. In this environment, researchers can do experiments with different Authentication and Authorization Infrastructures (AAIs) and with ICPedu, the Brazilian public keys infrastructure for teaching and research. GIdLab is mantained by RNP as a support platform (testbed) to Brazilian researchers. One of its main goal is to encourage and facilitate the development of new solutions that may be made available as services by RNP. The GIdLab project started in February 2013 by RNP’s CT-GID committee initiative.

Target Audience

Researchers interested to develop practical experiments with an Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure or with the ICPEdu (the RNP’s public keys infrastructure for teaching and research). Researchers may also propose and submit projects about identity management that use different technologies to be installed and configured on GIdLab.

GIdLab Team

Academic Coordinator: Michelle S. Wangham (UNIVALI);
R&D Coordinator: Carolina Felicissimo (RNP);
Technical Assistants: Felipe Cardoso (IFSC) and Sarom Torres (IFSC);
Collaborator: Allex Magno Andrade (IFSC);
Assistant Professors: Emerson Ribeiro de Mello (IFSC) and Edelberto Franco (UFJF);
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WRNP 2018, Campos do Jordão – SP
Participação na 19 WRNP
GIdLab torna um serviço para experimentação
Serviço para experimentação


GIdLab deixa de ser um Projeto da RNP
Fim do projeto GIdLab
WRNP 2015, Belém – PA
Participação no WRNP 2014 em Florianópolis - SC


SBSeg 2016, Niterói – RJ
Participação no SBSeg 2016 em Niterói - RJ


SBSeg 2015, Florianópolis – SC
Participação no SBSeg 2015 em Florianópolis - SC
WRNP 2014, Vitória – ES
Participação no 16º WRNP em Vitória - ES, 2014
SIC Identidade no Fórum RNP 2015, Brasília – DF
Participação no SIC de Identidade, evento do Fórum RNP 2015, Brasília - DF
Novidades GIdLab (Junho)
Novidades Junho 2015


SBSeg 2014, Belo Horizonte – MG
Participação no SBSeg 2014 em Belo Horizonte - MG
WRNP 2014, Florianópolis – SC
Participação no WRNP 2014 em Florianópolis - SC


SBSeg 2013, Manaus – AM
Participação no SBSeg 2013
Lançamento do GIdLab (Março/2013)
Início do projeto GIdLab